Improve Your Dressing


This is something that is present in almost every house – the dressing. This is also an important place, because this is where you keep all your clothes, everything that represents your wardrobe – clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, hats, scarves – anything that you use, or you should use, daily.

When you can’t find something that you want, you do know that it is the time to think about improving your dresser. Misplacing things can happen due to a few reasons – you don’t have enough space, everything is too crowded or simply the place is not optimized for everything that you have.

Here is what you can do to make your task of finding clothes easier.

Change everything

toolsIt’s not always an option, especially if the dressing is smaller than a room, but it can be done with a little help and some brilliant ideas. First of all, take out everything that you keep there – clothes, shoes, bags – everything. Deposit them in another room in boxes, but first sort them out – later you will find them easier when you’ll put them back into their place.

See how the dressing is made – does it have hanging rods or shelves where you keep your things? Do you think that you need more shelves, or more space for hanging your clothes? Can you separate the place where you place your shoes from the place where you keep your t-shirts?

If the answer to these questions is ambiguous, then you need to take some measures, literally.

See and Measure

modern-kitchen-design-1241Think about what you want there and start measuring. Note the results and think about what you want and what can fit in there. You can make open shelves, without doors, to optimize the space. Think about small shelves, enough to fit one or two pairs of shoes on them. Also, think about where to place the hanging rods and how to get more usable space.

Don’t assume that you can have only one hanging rod. You can make two of them, on the same space – one lower, at about 1 meter from the floor, and the other one higher, at about 50 centimeters from the ceiling. This will help you use as much space as possible for hanging clothes, without leaving empty spaces.

Colors and texture

A white dressing is what gives style and the feeling of luxury. Combine it with black velvet, mirrors on drawers and crystal-like handles. Use the black velvet for the space designated for jewels and accessories. Place a big mirror in the front of the door, if it is possible, to create the illusion of a bigger place. Add mirrors to the drawers to create elegance.

All this combined will reflect a luxurious décor.

Final Touches

Use gliding shelves for shoes, to get a better access at the second row, with special rods to prevent the shoes from sliding. You can also add one or two cabinets, if the place allows, to store there the places that you use seldom – old purses or bags that you don’t want to throw or other things placed in boxes.

Add a comfortable chair to be able to put your shoes on easier. With this kind of setting, everything will appear as a luxury store. You can sort your shoes by color and type, the blouses can be in one place, the pants will have their own place and the bags will be available to you at any time with ease.

We know it’s not easy to do this alone and you might need some help if you don’t have the necessary skills. Some might say that you even need an interior decorator to finish this off. The truth is that all you need are ideas. Good ideas will always turn a simple interior into a luxurious one, but for everything that you imagine, you need someone to implement your ideas.